Heidi Herman - Live the Adventure of the Fairy Tale

Special Event!

For the first time ever, the new release of the 2nd Edition Legend of the Icelandic Yule Lads will be available with both the author and illustrator on hand to sign book copies!

Unleash your inner Viking

Come join the fun!

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Calendar of Appearances & Events


April 2                    Icelandic Cooking Demonstration

                                 Chillicothe Library Activity Center
                                 Chillicothe, Illinois

June 21                   Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice, Legacy of Legend

                                 Washington Community Library
                                 Washington Illinois


September 2        Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice, Legacy of Legends

                                34th Annual Scanfest

                                Vasa Park, Budd Lake, New Jersey

                                Visit festival site:  https://www.scanfest.org/

November 10      The Icelandic Yule Lads

                               Swedish Club of Denver

December 1-2      Scanfair Market

                               Veterans Memorial Coliseum

                               Portland Oregon